Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is an island country off the coast of Western Africa. It has a population of 501,000 people and a life expectancy of 68 years (males) and 76 years (females). Cabo Verde’s most recent National Health Development Plan ran until 2016, with an emphasis as in other government policies on four crossing-cutting areas: employment, gender, youth, and the environment. The country’s National Health Policy runs from 2007-2020. Cabo Verde’s government signed the IHP+ (now UHC2030) Global Compact in May 2012 and a national compact (PACT Cape Verde) in February 2014, with the objective of creating an enabling environment for better stakeholder partnerships in the country leading to better alignment of development assistance with national priorities as laid out in the NHP 2012-2016. The UHC Partnership is currently supporting the development and implementation of the next National Health Development Plan 2017-2021, in line with the targets set in the newly developed eight regional health plans. You can access important country documents by clicking here

Key Health Indicators Country Fact Sheet

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