Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
TA to develop best practice patient pathways for priority health outcomes and develop tools to support their implementation Pathways developed spanning all levels of care and supporting purchasing instruments identified (contracting, payment, performance monitoring) Completed
Establish a National Working Group to prepare an action plan for strategic purchasing and steer its implementation Action plan developed, reviewed and agreed Completed
TA to review and operationalise the primary care strategy 2016-2023 Recommendations for improving quality mechanisms in primary care and strengthening coordination between primary and hospital care Completed
Capacity building in health financing Training in health financing delivered to appropriate people Completed
TA to explore ways of using SSA invoicing data to support strategic purchasing Action plan for data systems improvement and provider payment refor Completed
TA to assess the SSA’s administrative capacity and capacity-building needs Action plan for organisational strengthening and capacity development Completed
Preparing a strategy for strategic purchasing and providing support to advance the Social Services Agency’s capacity to implement the strategy. A strategy for strategic purchasing based on international evidence and the Georgian health system context and increased capacity of the SSA to effectively implement the strategy for strategic purchasing Completed
Revising and introducing new payment systems (Diagnosis-Related Group – DRG) and strengthening strategic purchasing to increase efficiency. DRG-based payment system introduced in 2019/2020 and integrated to the overall strategic purchasing framework. Completed
Designing best practice patient pathways for selected priority clinical areas and developing tools to support their implementation. Best practice patient pathway for diabetes type 2 is developed and validated in local context and increased MOLHSA’s and SSA’s capacity to use different policy instruments to support best practice patient pathway’s implementation Completed
Strengthening regulatory capacity and regulation to improve access to quality medicines by introducing Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Distribution Practice. Establishment of the National GMP/GDP Inspectorate, incl. Recruitment and Training of GMP Inspectors and introduction of Quality Management System and Standard Operating Procedures. Completed
Assist drafting and endorsing the new Law on Medicines and related regulations to improve access to quality medicines Law on Medicines to be submitted to Parliament. Improved capacity in regulating the pharmaceutical market (marketing authorization and related areas) as well as initial work in the area of pricing Completed
Assist implementation of selective contracting mechanisms, incl. optional policy dialogue Assist reshaping/establishing New health division’s structure of the Social Services Agency (SSA) to better incorporate strategic purchasing functions Capacity building for new and existing SSA staff, to effectively implement the strategy for strategic purchasing Completed
Support DRG implementation and enhancement of other elements of strategic purchasing to increase the value for public funds Policy advice and oversight of process of implementation of hospital payment system. Foster hands-on capacity building of the SSA staff, incl. knowledge exchange / study visit to comparable institution with strong capacity in the area of DRG-hospital payment system. Assist procedures for quality improvements of claims data. Assist piloting DRG as a “shadow” payment system, including advocacy and communication Completed


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Support to improve access to medicines through systems development including HTA, pricing, strategic procurement, supply chain systems, and reimbursement including out of pocket payments Assist in improving the national legal framework on medicinal products and the institutional development plan Assist in updating and operationalizing the national Essential Medicines List Assist in improving price regulation and pricing policies On track
Strengthening health system through digital health/digitalization COVID delayed Support introduction of electronic medical records Strengthening Governance for digital health, including telemedicine On hold
Improving health financing equity and distribution of health system's resources System-wide analysis of health financing equity and distribution of health system's resources Mobilization of technical expertise for intervention through national implementation of Strategy and action plan for refugee and migrant health in the WHO European Region Defining the basic health package, including designing the system and process of revision and renewal Ongoing
PHC Strategy/Roadmap updated/revised in line with the changing priorities and policy environment and vertical programmes integrated into PHC PHC Strategy/Roadmap timely updated and stakeholders' consensus reached Integrating vertical programmes into PHC (including CDs, public health, mental health, etc.) and scaling up of prevention activities Ongoing
Regulatory system strengthening including laboratories and inspection COVID delayed Assistance in strengthening assessment function and capacity building of the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, including implementation of GMP and GDP On hold
Strengthening Human resurces for Health in Georgia COVID delayed Analysis of Human resources for Health in Georgia to quantify needs and developing policy options for filling the gaps Support the implementation of the new nursing strategy and strengthening of nursing competencies in PHC Support the application of the principles of the NHWA and the LMF to strengthen HRH planning capacity and capability At risk
Comprehensive policy guidance on health financing under UHC-P project and BAR course for capacity building Improving health services financing Comprehensive policy guidance on health financing under UHC-P project and BAR course for capacity building Barcelona course for capacity building Ongoing
Support in developing and implementation of financial protection policies and improving health accounts Support to improve national health accounts Report on financial protection with policy recommendations Ongoing