Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Supporting Instituitional capacity of health partners for better governance and respopnsiveness of health for UHC Governance capacity of health system in Iran strengthened Completed
Supporting HIS and core indicators plus SCORE Supporting development of policy/plan for health digitalization and implementation of e-health strategy. In-depth HIS assessment and road map development for capacity building for HIS strengthening. Capacity building CRVS/ e-death certificate Supporting implementation / development/maintenance observatory including HR Machine learning capacity development Deployment of DHIS2 Cancelled
Capacity Building on Primary Health Care Measurement & Improvement (PHCMI) PHCMI Stakeholders Training Workshop conducted Completed
Review and improve PHC for better function Training of Stakeholders on PHCMI Completed
Consultancy to review Benefit Package for UHC for selected diseases MS and Diabetes using MCDA and EDP Two Health Insurance Benefit Package Using Value Assessment Framework (VAF) the packages as part of structured deliberation in Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) decision rule - Pilot Phase- Multiple-Sclerosis (MS) & Diabetes Completed
UHC Benefit package revision Implementing Pilot phase for 2 selected diseases -Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Diabetes Meletus (DM)- and supporting 6 categorical diseases using multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA)/ evidence-informed deliberative processes (EDP) for selection of health interventions and procedures to be included in the UHC benefit package for in the I.R. of Iran In consultation with Radboud University Completed
Supporting Family Practice based on lessons from COVID with people centered integrated health services Piloting Family Practice New Model Cancelled
Developing Integration plan for e-prescription system Technical support to review and advice on developing integration plan for implementing e-prescription programme in the Islamic Republic of Iran prepared Completed


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Scale up PHCMI in 10 selected provinces: Kerman, Tabriz, Hamedan, East Azerbaijan, ... Piloting PHCMI in 10 selected provinces On track
Implementation of WHO guidelines for Workload Indicators for Staffing Needs (WISN) in selected health facilities Indicators for workload Staffing needs will be selected, health facilities will be identifies and WISN methodology is performed On track
Health Workforce account will be implemented gradually in the country Indicators for health Workforce Account will be selected and situation of data basis for HWF is analysed On track
Develop scenarios, narratives, and video scripts for producing multimedia on integration of medical education in health service provision and Reform and Innovation Plan in Medical Education in Iran/ NASR Script and scenarios for multi-media package for integration of health services into medical education plus reform prepared On track
Reviewing and evaluating health research governance, production and impact for the health researches that implemented since 2014 in Iran Health research governance, production and impact for the health researches that implemented since 2014 in Iran reviewed and implemented On track
Performing E- Prescription System Situation Analysis among Main Health Insurance Organizations and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education Situation Analysis among Main Health Insurance Organizations and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for operating e-prescription performed On track
Phase I- Integration of the API for the ICD11 software into HIS for selected hospitals and PHC facilities including death certificates and CoD Phase I- integration of ICD11 API in hospitals and PHC after piloting in selected facilities Not started
Supporting process of WISN implementation in selected health facilities by international consultant National Steering Committee oriented on the process of WISN National technical team trained on WISN Methodology Questions and indicators for WISN identified WISN methodology implemented National Report on WISN prepared Policy brief on WISN prepared On track
Technical support to HCHI for Health Insurance Benefit Package revision using evidence-informed deliberative processes for the UHC by aligning with WHO UHC Compendium Metabolic disorders, Cardio-vascular disease, Respiratory conditions Health Insurance Benefit Package for metabolic disorder, CVD, and respiratory condition based on WHO UHC compendium and EDP are revised Not started