Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Islamic Republic of Iran is a Middle Eastern country with a population of 81 million people, and a life expectancy of 75 years (male) and 77 years (female). Universal health coverage is enshrined in Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution, and the government is the country’s largest healthcare provider, focused on primary care. After significant gains in life expectancy and child mortality since the 1990s, the country is facing a growing burden of NCDs. Today most of the population benefits from health insurance, principally from public insurers, yet out-of-pocket spending as a share of health expenditure remain high at around 40%. The 6th five-year National Plan of Economic, Social and Cultural Development of Islamic Republic of Iran 2017–2021 prioritizes the health of the population by improving stewardship of the health system, expanding health service coverage and increasing financial protection mechanisms. In line with those priorities, the UHC Partnership is supporting an in-depth health systems governance and financing assessment which includes an evaluation of citizens’ voice mechanisms, private sector engagement, and financial protection. You can access important country documents by clicking here.

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