Kenya is a country in East Africa with a population of about 48 million people and a life expectancy of 64 years for men and 69 years for women. The National Health Policy Strategy Plan 2014-2030 identifies universal health coverage (UHC) as the priority for 2018-22 and includes measures such as increased health insurance coverage, reduction of out of pocket household expenditure, increased access to an essential health services package and strengthened coordination among stakeholders. The Health Act 2017 and the health component of the Mid-term Plan III launched in 2018, strive towards a unified health system and better health regulation. The planned National Public Health Institute is expected to support control and management of epidemics. WHO cooperation works towards the achievement of a responsive, client-centered, technologically driven and sustainable health system by 2019. Additionally, cooperation seeks to ensure adequate capacity for disaster preparedness, surveillance, and response to contribute to health security. The UHC Partnership supports Kenya’s efforts to achieve UHC by addressing gaps within health governance, health finance as well as service delivery and health information systems. You can access important country documents by clicking here.

Key Health Indicators

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Dec 23, 2018

Kenya rolls out Universal Health Coverage