Liberia is a West African country with a population of 4 million people and a life expectancy at birth of 60 years (male) and 63 years (female). Liberia’s population, economy and health system had slowly been recovering from the legacy of 14 years of civil war when Ebola hit the region in 2014. With the highest number of reported Ebola deaths among the affected countries (4,244, MoH situation report March 2015), Liberia was declared Ebola-free in June 2016 and has been tackling the disease’s socio-economic impact. The UHC Partnership has supported the country in elaborating a medium-term recovery plan to cope with the aftermath of the crisis and rebuild its health system. An essential package of health services is prominent in the current National Health and Social Welfare Policy 2011-2021. The plan also emphasizes strong partner coordination through mutually reinforcing measures at national and sub-national levels, leading to the country compact in 2017 as a core step towards improved aid effectiveness. You can access important country documents by clicking here.

Key Health Indicators Country Fact Sheet