Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Strengthening institutional capacities of the National Agency of Public Health. Coordination of care between public health and primary health care services is stronger. Completed
Supporting policy dialogue to ensure the participation, inclusiveness, transparency, endorsement and implementation of the PHC strategy. 1.The governance structures are supported in the implementation of the PHC strategy Completed
Documenting with new evidence policy decisions and actions during the implementation of PHC strategy 1. Primary health care practice profile survey is conducted Completed
Developing a communication plan for the implementation of the PHC strategy. 1. Improved communication and media relations capacities of senior staff at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection. 2. PHC reform Communication Strategy and Action Plan for 2-years period is developed. Completed
Support to health authorities in strengthening health workforce management, planning and retention. 1. Mid-term evaluation of the National Human Resources for Health Strategy 2016-2025. 2. Capacities for human resources management in the Ministry and other relevant institutions are strengthened. 3. National Observatory on Human Resources in Health and Regional Health Development Centre on Human Resources for Health under SEE Health Network are strengthened Completed
Support to health authorities in improving access to essential medicines 1. Medicines availability and affordability study is performed2. National capacities in pricing and reimbursement policies improved Completed
Policy dialogue platforms for multi-sectoral action is developed Two topic specific policy dialgoues are organized to debate among decision makers about selected health care reforms, such as: access to medicines, regionalization specialized services, strengthening PHC services, NCD interventions. Completed
Country support to address health workforce challenges Scaling-up of the information system for human resource for health (SIERUSS) and its alignment with WHO Minimum Data Set for HRH registry. Capacity building on health workforce management and planning. Technical assistance in updating the Development Strategy for Human Resources for Health 2016-2025 and setting-up the implementation mechanism Completed
Support in improving access to essential medicines, diagnostics and medical devices Review of the Essential Medicines List and methodology to maintain and update the list. Technical assistance in provision of guidance on quality, safety, efficacy of health products Completed
Strengthening management of quality of care systems An assessment of accreditation standards for health care providers is conducted. A revised version of the accreditation standards is developed with WHO support. Technical support to review the regulations governing the quality councils at health care provider level is provided. Support in piloting of the new regulation of quality councils is provided. Capacity building of key stakeholders in quality of care management is provided through workshops, seminars and study visits. Completed
Update and review the institutional development strategy of the National Health Insurance Company Coaching, guidance and expertise support is provided to the National Health Insurance Company to review the institutional development strategy. Completed
Technical assistance in strengthening National Health System Strategy and regulation on selected policy areas A new National Health Sector Development Strategy is developed through a participative and consultation process with key national stakeholders. A core set of indicators to formally monitor UHC progress is incorporated into national monitoring and evaluation systems Completed
Developing an advocacy strategy for effective communication of UHC objectives and how to reach them A communication and advocacy strategy to bring the message abou the importance of UHC and how to reach the UHC objectives is developed. Draft messages and coomunication instruments to implement the advocacy strategy are developed and used in the communication process. Technical support in provided to the central health regulatory authority in delivering the right messages and activities in order to call to action Completed
Institutionalize best practices on HRH management in line with national HRH strategy Redesign the HRH registry including migration of HC workers. Follow the recommendations of HRH strategy assessment. Completed


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Comprehensive health financing policy support in lieu with UHC reforms Basic Benefit Package Revision based on relevant evidence. Studying EU countries best practices in insurance coverage and reducing out of pocket expenditures. Strengthening the strategic purchasing functions of Health Insurance Fund (CNAM). Ongoing
Develop the financial protection concept Build the framework for systematic collection and production of data on financial protection data for better informed health policies Ongoing
Health Systems Governance support and strengthening for better health outcomes on the way to UHC COVID postponed Strengthen overall capacity of national stakeholders in coordination, M&E of health policies and communication. Capacity building for MOH leadership for institutional strengthening for better health outcomes on the way to UHC. At risk
Comprehensive health financing policy support in lieu with UHC reforms. New evidence on financial protection in MDA health system for 2017-2020. Assessment of emergency health care, hospital emergency units coverage policies and payment methods, as well as costing exercises initiated. Ongoing
Management of Quality Health Services Development of a Quality of care Plan Ongoing
Performance review of EMS delivery system Development of a draft of the National Programme on Emergency Care System Ongoing
Health Data and Digital Health eHealth Road Map developed and approved eHealth Record and ePrescription concepts approved Regulatory framework revised and adjust to EU regulations Ongoing
Hospital Master Plan performance review Development a hospital benchmarking system Ongoing
Develop the Roadmap on integrated people-centered PHC Development of a Roadmap on integrated people-centered PHC (revision of benefit package, practice profile, organization forms) Implementation of the concept of Essential Health Services Ongoing
Health System Governance Support and NHS Review existing legal frameworks in the context of UHC Capacity buildings on UHC, SDG's, health system building blocks, policy development, M&E, etc. Ongoing
Institutionalize best practices on HRH management in line with national HRH strategy 2 Finalize development of HRH Regystry. MoH and NAPH capacities in HRH management strenghten Ongoing
Harmonize and finalize medicines and medical devices policies in line with EU Regulations Support with the alignment to the EU accession process Ongoing
Situation assessment and profiling of procurement and supply management system Review of the draft RoadMap on PSM (COVID-19 and refugee crisis lessons learned). Action plan development. Ongoing