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Product/Service Deliverables Status
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Product/Service Deliverables Status
Implementation of Health Financing policies, strategies and action plans To conduct an assessment of the cost of health services delivery including fees at the point of care and development of recommendations for the strengthening of UHC. Report with recommendations on the cost and efficiency of health services delivery Not started
Implementation of the Monitoring Framework for Universal Health, given priority to the generation and analysis of NMH related indicators. To conduct IS4H maturity model assessment and develop IS4H Policy, data governance manual, digital health strategy, and interoperability framework solutions. IS4H policy framework for generation and analysis of NMH indicators developed and implemented. To digitize medical records and incorporate them into the EMR of the HIS. Not started
Breast and cervical cancer control, including palliative care Develop and implement action plans for prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. Prevention and treatment services for cervical cancer programmes strengthened Not started