Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
TA for the development of a roadmap to move towards UHC in emergency context Recruit TA for UHC roadmap Completed
Conduct consultative workshops in all the states of Somalia, meetings with donors and other partners and a ratification workshop of the UHC roadmap Consultation for localization of SDGs, UHC roadmap and EPHS Completed
Revision of Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) to ensure a comprehensive package that includes hospitals, health facilities and community level health services Review of EPHS based on DCP3 recommendations and develop plan for revision of EPHS Completed
Launch Humanitarian and development nexus mission with support from regional office and HQ Humanitarian development nexus mission Completed


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Health workforce improved to support provision of quality health services. Update HRH policies & Plan. NHPC (National Health Professions Commission) launched & functional. Build MOH staff capacity at Federal & state level through cascade training and workshops. Update HRH (Human resources for health ) situation and figures through assessments to monitor the strengths and limitations of the underlying information systems. Ongoing
Comprehensive essential service packages have been developed. Health policy will include Equity, Gender & Human Rights approaches. For the Essential Package of Health Services that has been completed, develop assessment tools to ensure that it this UHC benefit package meets the needs of the population. Provide technical support in implementing UHC strategies and benefit package through workshops, technical support and meetings. These will contribute to embedding UHC in all health sector planning processes and position the EPHS as the common framework for all health interventions across the development, humanitarian and peace building support. Mobilize resources to expand community based services through linkage to formal financial sector & Developing a strategy to provide financial services to the rural. Ongoing
Implement the Essential Package of Health Services (support the MoH in this effort)- Develop EPHS implementation guidance. Design options for funding arrangements. Facilitate policy dialogue and partners negotiation. Develop assessment / monitoring tools. Comprehensive essential package of services (EPHS) implemented, through all health interventions across development, humanitarian and peace building support. Ongoing