Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe with a total population of 45 million people and a life expectancy at birth of 66 years (male) and 76 years (female). After the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, Ukraine released a National Health Reform Strategy 2015-2020. With technical assistance derived from the UHC Partnership which it joined in January 2016, Ukraine is embarking on a major reorganization of its health system. The UHC Partnership contributed to the elaboration of a Public Health and a Health Financing Concept, which aim among other priorities at reducing current high out-of-pocket expenditure and improving access to care. The concepts were approved by the government shortly after the High-Level Policy Forum in November 2016. WHO through the UHC Partnership provides further technical assistance during the implementation phase, for example in establishing a National Health Purchasing Agency and developing a State Guaranteed Benefit Package. You can access important country documents by clicking here.

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