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Strong health systems are the foundation of an effective response to COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to test our health systems and expose gaps in health security. More than ever, the UHC Partnership works closely with countries to address the impacts of COVID-19, maintain the availability of essential health services and protect communities from future threats to health.

Country support

Different countries are at different stages of confronting the impact of COVID-19. We work closely with governments to stop the outbreak in its tracks, maintain essential health services, and to ensure that countries come out stronger and better equipped to face future threats by achieving Universal Health Coverage.


The UHC Partnership is funded by the European Union, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Irish Aid, the Government of Japan, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the UK Department for International Development and Belgium.


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Additional funding to tackle COVID-19
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Health improvement

Visit the main WHO COVID-19 webpage


We bring you stories straight from the countries where we work as they unfold. Watch this space for regular updates.