Technical Areas


Product/Service Deliverables Status
UHC Priority Benefit Package Recommendations and inputs to the review and adjustment of existing benefit packages toward the establishment of a national UHC Priority Benefit Package Completed
Health system governance review Recommendations for adjusted health sector governance to improve accountability and stewardship in line with UHC Completed
National UHC policy dialogue Locally-owned process for high-level multi-stakeholder dialogue related to UHC in Jordan Completed
Public-private partnership assessment Recommendations for more effective private sector contributions to UHC and other health priorities Completed
Strategic sector dialogue Monthly sessions of the system-wide dialogue of Government, donors, NGOs and other partners. Co-chaired by WHO Completed
National quality strategy for health Technical inputs to a first dedicated national quality strategy for health Completed
Family Practice bridging programme Institutionalisation of the online bridging programme for a first cohort of GPs to strengthening family practice and PHC Completed
Support to consolidated National Health Insurance Recommendations and inputs to MOH/GOJ processes of expanding the existing Civil Insurance Programme into a consolidated National Health Insurance Fund Completed


Product/Service Deliverables Status
Essential Health Benefit Package: service coverage, entitlements, and financial protection for vulnerable groups expanded in line with the Health Financing Strategy Organise policy dialogue to build consensus on priority interventions and propose innovative ideas for improving access to healthcare services, in collaboration with High Health Council (HHC). Finalise the situation analysis of health interventions provided at all healthcare levels and purchased by public funds, to identify gaps and priority interventions Ongoing
Primary Health Care: people-centred health services strengthened and health service quality and patient safety improved, through the scale-up of the integrated national Family Practice model, in line with 2018 Astana Dec Develop and implement an improvement plan for PHC, aligned with PHCI, WHO/EMRO PHC Operational Framework, and the National Policy on Quality and Patient Safety. Expand the WHO ongoing online bridging program on Family Practice. Adapt and adopt WHO/EMRO Framework for Hospital Transformation to support PHC Ongoing