UN Photo Bank Stanton Winter

Liberia’s Achievements in Health Care Financing Reform

14 September 2014

The UHC Partnership in Liberia has facilitated great progress in decentralized and harmonized county-level planning, and health care financing reform. One of the main successes which Zolia Yah, Deputy Minister of Planning, MoHSW, Liberia, attributes to the Partnership over the past two years has been better quality county-level annual operational plans, allowing the central level to provide national annual operational plans which truly reflect the needs in the field.

 “This is the first time in Liberia that the national level operational plans are based on such a bottom-up approach, whereby counties are directly influencing the national health strategy,” says Benedict Harris, Assistant Minister of Policy and Planning.

 In this way, Liberia’s improved county-level planning has also directly impacted on the resource allocation formula for funds going from central to district level.

The partnership has contributed to major financing reform in the public health sector. One such reform is the endorsement and development of a national health financing scheme, referred to as “the Health Equity Fund,” aimed at expanding coverage and creating financial sustainability in the health sector.

 Liberia is currently operating under the 2011-21 National Health and Social Welfare Policy and Plan, the successor to the National Health Policy (NHP) of 2007. Click here to access key facts on the current health situation in Liberia.