NCD Hard Talk: Another meeting, Another commitment. What now? International Strategic Dialogue and Outcomes

05 May 2022

The future of global health is dominated by noncommunicable diseases
(NCDs). The next decade will reveal whether our current actions are robust
enough to meet the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 3.4 to
reduce premature mortality from NCDs by a third by 2030.

According to the recent Lancet NCD Countdown 2030 publication,
“implementing the most efficient package of interventions in each world
region would require, on average, an additional US$18 billion annually over
2023–30.” The paper presents recommendations to help guide 123 low and
middle-income countries (LMICs) to implement packages of NCD
interventions, highlighting key financing and health system implementation


The roadmap to 2030 will require efficient pathways of technical, financial
and political commitment for NCDs. On 12th April 2022, an International
Strategic Dialogue on NCDs and SDGs was convened, bringing together
national leaders and dignitaries to put forward the GlobalNCD Compact
2020-2030 to galvanize action on NCDs. This marks an important step, but
it is only the beginning. In this webinar session, we ask leaders,
implementers and academics: what is next? What will it take to reach the
SDG 3.4 targets by 2030? Going beyond high-level meetings, how can
countries instigate change to engage, accelerate, invest, align and
account for a robust and operational NCD agenda?