NCD Hard Talks – Digital solutions for NCDs: COVID-19 and beyond

12 May 2021

Schedule: 12 May 2021 • 1300-1430H CET

The webinar provides a platform to connect, share and learn from initiatives on digital health and innovations and how they have addressed the burden of NCDs. We will hear from governments, the private sector, civil society actors, NGOs and others to identify key learnings on digital innovations/services for NCDs during the COVID-19 pandemic, explore how – in a post-pandemic world – we can design and implement NCD digital interventions that keep the end users in mind, and consider ethical, regulatory, implementation, technology and sustainability issues. Speakers will further look at critical bottlenecks and challenges on NCDs and digital health.

A panel of female leaders and experts from the NCD and digital health space – innovators, policy makers, country experts and funders – will share insights on how we can advance and ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to and benefits from innovation and digital technologies to improve NCD outcomes. In recognition of the gender digital divide, the panel is female-only: globally, women have less access to digital technology/Internet than men and are less likely to work in the digital sector.

The webinar will also offer an exclusive preview of the new WHO Package of essential NCD interventions (PEN) digital App, as an innovative move towards operationalizing NCD service delivery.