NCD Hard Talk: Harnessing the power of facility data to achieve global NCD targets

09 June 2022

Harnessing the power of facility data to achieve global NCD targets


Schedule: 9 June 2022 I  13-14:30 CET

The NCD Implementation roadmap 2023-2030 passed at the 75th World Health Assembly and the Global NCD Compact 2020-2030 call for governments to establish effective information systems to produce reliable and timely data at national and subnational levels on NCD risk factors, diseases, mortality, and systems.

To move towards a harmonized approach for comparable estimates at regional and global levels, WHO is introducing a facility-based patient and program monitoring framework including core and optional indicators that countries can adopt based on their priorities and capacities. The development of standards-based simple data tools is encouraged to help ease the burden of capturing, storing, and processing data, so countries can focus on using data for their decisions and actions.

In this NCD Hard Talk, speakers will discuss how they address on-the-ground challenges in adapting standards and implementing appropriate tools to bridge the gaps in facility-based data for the management of NCDs. The session will explore challenges and solutions in operationalizing national data policies/governance, building local health workforce capacities, improving data quality, and increasing the effective utilization of facility-based data, to better equip countries in monitoring their progress toward achieving global targets.