PMAC Side Meeting: SE025 Power of Social participation

29 January 2020

SE025 Power of Social participation: a key contributor towards UHC and Sustainability

Come join us at the side meeting  led by Justin Koonin, President of ACON

The panelists are:

  • Naoko Yamamoto, Assistant Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Khuat Thi Hai Oanh, Executive Director, Centre for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI), Vietnam
  • Si Thura, Executive Director,Community Partners International, Myanmar
  • Weerasak Putthasri, Deputy Secretary-General, National Health Commission Office (NHCO), Thailand

Followed by technical presentations on best practices in government-led social participation efforts

  • Presented by Dheepa Rajan, WHO
  • Moderated Q&A Nanoot Mathurapote, NHCO

Organised by National Health Commission Office, WHO, Social Participation Technical Network,  UHC2030, and NHSO