Technical Hub

With over 100 technical experts across countries and regions, the UHC Partnership helps to channel scientific and technical resources, including normative guidance across all three levels of WHO (countries, regions and headquarters). The UHC Partnership also provides platforms and resources for knowledge exchange to advance WHO Country Support Plans, including the live monitoring mechanism, annual technical meeting, and technical meetings/events.

This technical hub provides related resources in line with the areas of work supported by the UHC Partnership, including information that can support policy makers with evidence and innovations needed to implement UHC at country-level.

This handbook is designed as a resource for providing up-to-date and practical guidance on national health planning and strategizing for health. It establishes a set of best practices to support strategic plans for health and represents the wealth of experience accumulated by WHO on national health policies, strategies and plans.

The UHC Partnership provides countries with real-time, evidence-based and tailored support to enhance private sector engagement in response to COVID-19.

Realist research is an innovative way to look at the complex interventions in the real word, with the objective of finding out how they work , in what context, and how they contribute to expected and unexpected outcomes.

Health security and preparedness

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The live monitoring of the WHO Country Support Plans provides a unique opportunity for WHO and its partners to actively and regularly engage in dialogue on the UHC Partnership’s support to Member States to help them deliver on their UHC goals.

PHC has been widely acknowledged as the preferred pathway to UHC. PHC includes three components – namely, (i) multisectoral policy and action, (ii) engaged people and communities and (iii) primary care and essential public health functions at the core of integrated health services. Many of the activities supported through the UHC Partnership highlight the contributions of PHC to spur countries on their journey towards UHC.

Noncommunicable diseases

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COVID-19 continues to test health systems and expose gaps in health security. The UHC Partnership supports WHO’s efforts to strengthen the capacity of countries to address the impacts of the pandemic, maintain essential health services and protect communities from future health threats. Learn how the UHC Partnership’s responsive country support, enabled by flexible funding from its donors and extensive technical expertise on the ground, delivers sustainable impact to national health systems.​

Health financing

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