Test What I will Change

What I Will Change

Tell the world what I will do differently


What good did the last months bring you?

You don’t have to take on the whole world to make a difference. Pick one habit—something small—that made a difference for you. Maybe you’ve spent more time with your family, smelling the trees in the park. Maybe you’ve taken up jogging. Quit coffee. Realised how different life could be. Or just enjoyed the quiet.


Tell us about the small changes you made

The small things matter. Tell us about the little things you’ve done differently. Type a quick comment, make a drawing with your kids, sing us a song… Share your thoughts any way you like. Just remember to use #WhatIWillChange. This way, you’ll tell a friend, who’ll tell a friend, who’ll tell another. That’s way, small changes grow into big ones.


What’s Walk the Talk?

What will I change is an interactive activity part of WHO third Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge virtual this year. In light of COVID-19, Walk the Talk and What will I change activity will offer a global platform to engage people all over the world about their well-being and health. This activity is supporting with UHC partnership and UHC2030.

See what others will change. Now what about you? Let your voice be heard!

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